Monthly Box

A Monthly subscription box will be mailed to your doorstep on the 15 of each month. If you purchase the subscription on the 1st, you will receive the box on the 15 of that same month.  The 5th day of the month is the cut off, meaning- you will not receive a box until the following month. I have to have set rules to keep my inventory in check.  Thank you for understanding, I cannot wait for you to receive your goodies.  

As time goes on, I will use this page to post pictures from the past boxes. 

Items to be included will range from:

  • 1 Essentially Salv-ee product each month
  • natural products
  • farmers market finds
  • mineral rich foods

OCTOBER BOX: ferment lid, shirataki pasta(keto), founding member shirt, Reverse Time(Essentially Salv-ee)

NOVEMBER BOX:  Recipe Card Book, Natural Detox Brush, Tongue Scraper, Bee Pollen, Brewers Yeast, Hippeas, All Purpose(Essentially Salv-ee)

DECEMBER BOX:  Mineral Toothpaste(Essentially Salv-ee), Bamboo Natural Charcoal Toothbrush, Thieves/Lemon Simply Scrub, all natural scrubber, monk fruit, seaweed, and a lavender infused Neck Wrap(Handmademarket2market)